Physics 1 Forces & Motion

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In this course we look not only at forces and motion but also how they effect many of the things we experience in everyday life and those things we see when we look to the sky and beyond our own planet.

  • Displacement is the distance travelled in a straight line. It has both a direction and a size.
  • The velocity of an object is its speed in one particular direction.
  • The acceleration of an object is calculated from its change in velocity and the time taken.
  • The force of an object is also a vector as it has a size (measured in Newtons) and a direction.

The first three modules each have an quiz which you can use to check your understanding of the module’s content. You need to achieve the pass mark in each of these quizzes in order to attempt the final course quiz. You can, however, try each of these quizzes as many times as you wish.

(NOTE: This is a GCSE level course and covers just about everything in all the various syllabuses. It is a useful course for anyone who needs some additional input, delivered in a different way and with plenty of questions to try!)